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Written by Matt Pringle
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Guide to EU Institutions Guide to EU Institutions

It can be really hard to get a grip on how the various EU bodies fit together. The European Commission is a little like the British Civil Service but, unlike in the UK it is able to propose legislation. In fact it is the only body that can introduce legislation. This legislation is then debated by both the EU Parliament and the Council of Ministers separately. They each determine their own position before coming together to agree, amend or reject the bill. They must reach agreement in order for it to become EU law. The Court of Auditors and the Court of Justice also have roles in overseeing the process and enforcing bills brought into law.

While you don't require a great amount of detail for Economics A-Level, it does come into AQA unit 4 if you choose to answer the European Union context question. The presentation below will lead you through in a little more detail. If you are using an iPad then you can still view it but you will need the Prezi app. You can find more information about it here.


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